When it comes to carpet cleaning, some stains may seem endless – almost as if you’re paying to have the stain stay in your carpet. However, there is a new quick fix that is hitting the inter-web, which isn’t necessarily the best option, but if you have the right carpeting, it will work.

Have you ever thought about dying your at-home carpet? Well, apparently there is a new solution if you have the proper carpeting – also known as carpeting that is one solid color that can have a dye applied to it without affecting the rest of the carpeting.

So, apparently, according to this new research, “Carpet can be spot-dyed so that faded or stained areas match the rest of the carpet,” however, if you have a multi-colored carpet, this will make an even more prominent stained space. The issue with carpet dying is that it requires a decent amount of savings, and some carpet dying services tally up to about $1000.

Most carpet dyes are applied by spray, then scrubbed in until the desired result is achieved. In order to avoid the costs of dying your entire carpet, it is recommended that you have your carpet cleaned once or twice annually. The only issue that carpet cleaning poses is that it might not remove all the stains you would like to have removed, and dying may be your best option.

However, keep in mind that carpet cleaning companies cannot die a specific area of your carpet and intend for it to look like the remaining carpeting – there is always the risk of it carrying a differing color from the rest of the carpet.


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